Sommerfeldt CPA

Meet the Tax Expert Behind the Reliable CPA Firm

Craig L Sommerfeldt, the Certified Public Accountant behind Sommerfeldt CPA has more than 30 years of tax, finance and business experience.  Craig has worked and owned companies in various industries, handling all aspects of taxation, finance, and operations.

Craig is a Brigham Young University graduate with a bachelor’s degree focused on Financial and Estate Planning and with a master’s degree focused on Federal Taxation.

Services I Offer

I specialize in offering a comprehensive suite of services for both individuals and businesses, encompassing tax planning, compliance (tax preparation), and financial planning. My expertise, honed over more than 8 years, extends to various business sectors, including real estate, transportation, and finance. I am particularly knowledgeable in the intricacies of foreign income taxation and have a keen interest in agricultural tax matters. My commitment is to provide tailored solutions to meet your unique tax needs.


My Approach

When it comes to serving my clients, I make sure they get the best out of my services. I view each client individually and avoid cookie-cutter approaches in planning.  I continue to look for creative solutions to my client’s issues.  Because of this, I can help my clients minimize their taxes, save more, and increase their net income.

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